Woven Rope Tellurion Ball Cat Scratcher

Sale price$78.00


Our minimalistic color palette and design include a finished base for the globular scratcher, making it perfect décor for a modern home. Promote healthy living, grooming, and play for your feline while staying in style. It will keep your cat entertained and on their toes! Your cat’s natural instinct to pounce and claw will kick in naturally! Relieve your cat’s boredom with our globular scratcher ball and encourage a healthy lifestyle! Designed to last, the yarn does not unravel and can withstand all your cat’s natural instinctual behavior.


⚡️Can withstand all your cats tossing, pouncing, clawing, kicking, jumping, tossing and fun

⚡️Improve your cats physical and mental health Product Details

⚡️Frame Material: Manufactured wood

⚡️Cover Material: Rope

⚡️Freestanding: Yes

⚡️Dimensions: 19.5'' H x 13'' W x 12'' D

⚡️Weights: 10.2 LB

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