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Unicorn cat tree & scratcher is a type of pet toy which will amuse everyone who gets to use it at least once. But here’s the main attraction of the toy which is it acts as a scratcher and cat tree. Those who have cats in their house for them this is one of the best available products you can avail at the market. The shape of the tree is of a unicorn that looks adorable from the outside and your cat would love to play with it as much as it would feel relaxed after using it as a scratcher. There’s a hanging ball at one end of the unicorn with which the cat would enjoy a lot to play with. The product is designed in such a way so that the cat can exercise itself by climbing it and afterward it can also take rest taking a nap under it. The four legs which act as scratcher helps the cat to scratch to its heart's content. All over it can also be used as a home décor cause its size is very suitable to be kept at any corner of a living room or playroom. So besides being a home décor, it acts as a toy for your favorite pet.

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