Telescopic rod fishing cat toy

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Cat toy fishing rod

Looking for the best cat toys to keep your cat entertained? Are your cats bored of the regular boring stuff toys? Then look no more. You have come to the right place to buy the best quality cat toys for your beloved cats.


Playing is a necessity for each cat. Without playing your cats break down from boredom and get stressed. Playing with them is also necessary to make your bonding strong with your cats. And cat toy fishing rods are one of the best toys to play with your cats and uplift both you and your cat’s moods effectively.


This is why we present you with our cat toy fishing rod. It is highly durable. As the rod is telescopic, it makes a perfect accessory to play with your cats, and being very playful with your cats using this rod will not have any bad effect on it. As the rod is telescopic, you do not have to worry about keeping it in a suitable place. When necessary, you can just make it longer and play with your cats.


We know how much cats love fish. This is why our cat toy fishing pole comes with three different color minnow fish shape toy options. This simply enhances the playing experience for your cats. You can extend the telescoping rod and attach the minnow fish to the hook and swing around effortlessly in the room. And your cat will have all the fun it needs with great playtime. You can just simply keep working and do your stuff. You can also do this while watching TV. You can play with this toy without being fully occupied in it. It also has catnip in the right amount to keep your cat in a perfect mood.


  • Contains the right amount of catnip to improve your cat's mood.
  • Telescopic Rod
  • Two combinations, each with three minnows.


What are you waiting for? Grab your fishing rod now at an affordable price and enhance the mood of your adorable cat right away.


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