Olaf Cone Shape Woven Rope Cat Scratcher

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💖Only The Best For Your Loving Pet💖

Do you have a busy schedule? Most of us are busy all the time. Having problems managing your pet cats? Want something to amuse your furry friend? To meet all your needs here’s the 'Olaf cone-shaped woven rope scratcher' which will surely grab and hold the attention of your pet cat. You might not be always or might stay busy a lot of times in the house while doing chores, having conversations, giving your family some time, or doing office works. So to lessen your worry, the Olaf cone-shaped woven rope scratcher will keep your cat busy and give you free time to do your jobs properly. The Olaf shaped cone has a strong base so that it doesn’t tilt when your cat will scratch on the woven roped scratching body. It will give them amusement and surely they will love this a lot that they will play it whenever they are bored. The soft nails won’t left scratches over the woven structure and the product will not tilt because of the push that will come from it due to the strong cone base. Therefore, your tensions are gone and your furry friend got another partner at home other than you to play with. So, if you don’t want to keep your furry friend alone at home disappointed and bored then buy the Olaf cone-shaped woven roped scratcher as soon as possible and stay relaxed the whole day.

Product Details

🌈 Frame Material: Manufactured wood

🌈 Cover Material: Faux fur; Sisal rope

🌈Product Dimensions : 12.6 x 12.6 x 17.72 inches; 2 Pounds

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