Lovely & Delicate Forest Snake Tease Cat Wand With Feathers

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Lovely & Delicate Forest Snake Tease Cat Wand with Feathers

The rustling rattlesnake, staring with big budding eyes and spitting out tongue from its mouth, attracts the curious cats. Thickened elastic rubber rod, strong and not afraid of bending, with plush and natural feathers, to start a fun time of human-pet interaction.

ūüĆą1. Lock the cat's attention. Stimulate the cat's instinct to explore.
ūüĆą2. Share the fun playtime. Gently flip the snake teaser stick and play a capture game with it to create more good memories for it.
ūüĆą3. The fabric is selected from sturdy and bite resistant plush cloth, allowing cats to play and bite in the process of cleaning oral tartar.

Dimension: 22*3*1 Inches, 2 Pounds

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