Little Sheep Cat Tree

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If you are worried about not being able to give your pet cats some time every day, then our 'Little Sheep’ is the perfect pet toy to keep your pet cats entertained and safe all day. It’s quite natural to be busy a lot of times. Therefore, you might not always be available to watch your pet cats or play with them. As a result, they may also o risky stuffs out of boredom or loneliness and hurt themselves pretty badly. So our 'Little Sheep’ is here for the rescue. It is a nice little home for your pet cat which is in the shape of a sheep’s body and has a pocket in it. The pocket can be used as their bed which will keep them warm and comfortable all the time. The shape of it will also attract them easily and make them fond of it in no time. Cats like to sleep and it will give them the best time at it. Thus, it will keep your pet cats safe, relaxed, and comfortable. Therefore, if you want to keep fewer worries on your part and also make your pet cats happy, buy them our 'Little Sheep’ which is sure to enhance their happiness and lessen their injuries through stupid actions.

Product Details

🌈Frame Material: Manufactured wood

🌈Cover Material: Faux fur; Sisal rope

🌈Dimensions: 25.2'' * 15.75'' * 15.75'' & 7 Lb

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