Hippo Shape cat house

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Hippo shape cathouse

We all love our pet cats. No matter, whatever happens, caring for them comes first. To take care of them properly, providing them with a cathouse is necessary. In a cathouse, your cats can stay with utmost comfort whenever necessary.

If you own a cat then you know that your cat loves to sleep a lot even during day hours. The reason behind it is that they are evolved to sleep for a long period of hours even in the daytime. Because wild cats need to hunt and for living. And they conserve their energy for hunting by taking a lot of naps. However, your pet cat does not need to hunt because you feed it. But this instinct to sleep and prepare for the hunt stays on the cats no matter whatever situation they are living in.

This is why your loving cat needs a cathouse for sleeping. And we present you this hippo shape cathouse which will be suitable for your cat. It will provide your cat with 100% comfort. It might look small in size but it has more than enough space inside for your cat to relax with ease and sleep properly in whatever position he likes. Aside from sleeping, your cat can use this hippo shape cathouse for relaxing at any time he likes. On top of that, cats are quite smart animals. They are incredible at understanding numerous things and they have fantastic long-term and short-term memories. Therefore, the hippo shape of this cat house will attract your cat and make it love the new hippo shape cathouse.

The hippo shape cathouse comes with a scratchpad. We know how favorite it is for your cat to scratch here and there. They like to remove old material from their claws by scratching. It is their natural urge. Therefore, let your cat use this scratchpad for marking territory with scent glands in their paws.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of these hippo shape cathouses for your precious cat at an affordable price. It will not take much space in your room. Bring happiness to your adorable cat.

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