Giraffe Cat Tree with Cat tunnel and Scratcher

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If you have a furry friend who’s spending his or her time in boredom or sheer hopelessness, then we have our 'Giraffes' for you that will surely change the whole environment around him or her and switch up the mood. You might not be around to look after or play with them all the time or you might be busy doing household chores. Our giraffe tree and scratcher is bound to make up for that. It will reduce their loneliness in minutes and keep them busy all day playing and climbing with the giraffe tree. It also has a tiny pocket in it where they can stand up at an ease and play with the furry ball hanging from the tail. If felt short in any kind of excitement, they may also use it as a scratcher for their cute little nails. Therefore, it will keep them away from doing stupid and risky kinds of stuff around the house and also give them a company that will always be suitable for their wants. Therefore, if you don’t want your furry friends to harm themselves in any way or make them feel lonely, then order our 'Giraffe' now.

Product Details

🌈Frame Material: Manufactured wood

🌈Cover Material: Faux fur; Sisal rope

🌈Dimensions: 41.35'' * 19.7'' * 13.8'' & 10 Lb

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