Flower cat wand

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Flower cat wand

Most of us are busy in our daily lives. And in these busy schedules, we barely get time to give it to our pet cats and play with them. Even though we manage time for our cats, we cannot possibly offer them all the time they desire from their heart to cuddle with us, play with us, and simply be with us. If you cannot give a lot of time to your cat then your cat might feel bored and chew on stuff. You must be able to relate, right? This is why we bring this solution to you with our flower cat wand.


Your cat is bored and cannot stop chewing everything in the room. Maybe chewing is compulsive for your cat and this is where he gets his stimulation from. Or maybe he simply loves it and feels comfortable doing it. Whatever the reasons are, the flower cat wand comes to your rescue.


Leave your cat alone in your busy time with a flower cat wand and he will not chew other things and he will not feel bored when he has it with him. As cats also need mental stimulation to keep the boredom, anxiety, and depression away, let them have this stimulation with our flower cat wand.


Our flower cat wand comes in four different shapes and sizes which look like four different flowers. White, yellow, and green are common colors for them. Your cat will be attracted to their shapes and colors. The flower cat wands are made of soft wool so that your cat loves to chew on them. Soft wool is warm and it is reminiscent of the mother cat for them. The flower cat wand also has catnip which makes sure to improve the mood of your cat. It has the right amount of catnip for the right behavior for your cat. The active ingredients nepetalactone is the reason behind it.


  • -Soft wool for cats to chew on.-Contains the right amount of catnip to improve your cat's mood.


What are you waiting for? Grab one of these flower cat wands for your cat to ensure his happiness when he is lonely.



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