Fancy Wavy Cat Scratching Board

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This curvy scratchboard is the perfect feline tool for a cat’s basic needs: scratch, play, stretch, and flex! Provide your cat with a healthy outlet to re-channel their natural instinct to scratch and claw into a scratcher board instead of your carpet, sofas, chairs, or your best furniture. Place the scratcher board next to your cat’s favorite scratching spots to encourage the cat to start using the board. It is recommended to sprinkle catnip over the surface to encourage your cat and kitties to engage. Unlike many other boards, the scratcher board has been specifically engineered with a curvy structure that provides a comfortable posture to your cat’s activities.


🌈Protect your furniture

🌈Designed specifically with a curvy design that provides a comfortable posture

🌈Heavy duty corrugated paper

🌈Dimensions: 17.7'' H x 5'' W x 2'' D

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