El Alce Soft Footstool Cat House

Sale price$99.00


Soft footstool & cat house is one of those products which may be utilized in various ways. The design is very attractive and simple. The cat house is a very rare animal so it would be a very eye-catching decoration for any house. The size of the stool isn’t that big which enables us to place it at any corner of the room. The covering of the stool is made of PU leather so one feels very comfortable when he/she keeps his/her foot on it. As leather is used and there are no chemical ingredients used so it is very eco friendly for both humans and cats. After all the stool can be used as a cat home which is the main feature of the product. There is enough space for the cat to be comfortable and it can easily sleep inside it at night also. The leather used is very soft and of high integrity and quality which makes it one of the best footstool and cat houses.

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