Desert Cactus Woven Rope Cat Scratcher

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Is your furry friend feeling alone at home due to your busy schedule? Can’t go outside keeping your pet cat alone because he is bored all alone or making a mess in the house when you are not around? To keep your pet cats entertained here’s the desert cactus woven rope structure. The colors and shape of the scratcher are sure to grab the full attention of your cat. Hence, he will not bother you while you are at some meetings or having conversations or giving your family some time or doing chores or going outside. The cactus scratcher will make him play with it all day and you will not even have to worry. It is safe for your cats and also the materials are strong, so it will not break easily and the scratches won’t be leftover the material at all. It has a little ball hanging from the cactus fruit which is green in color they can also play with it and not to mention they may feel like some kind of an honorable athlete too. So to remove the loneliness of your furry friend, buy the cactus scratcher that will keep him busy and also give you enough time to be done with your daily activities, and whenever you go outside will give him a playing partner which is safe and won’t harm him at all.


Overall Height - Top to Bottom
Overall Width - Side to Side
Overall Depth - Front to Back
Overall Product Weight
7.64 lb.


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