Colorful Modern Geometric shape cat house

Sale price$169.00


Break the dull rule of square and round world, let the Geometric color shape stacking combination of non-square and non-circular, connect your life with your cat with flowing curves. The low-saturation orange and blue clashing colors add quiet beauty to modern furniture.


🌈1. A cozy height for your cat to laze and look far away.

🌈2. A spacious jumping platform provides a smooth support for your cat.

🌈3. A tall building for your cat.

🌈4. ZEZE's professional design provide your cat to lie down into a cloud.

🌈5. Multiple Scratching Posts facilitate cats to sharpen their claws at any time.


🌈Size: 35''*24''*17'' Inches

🌈Weight: 25 Ibs

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