Coconut Cat Scratching Ball Scratcher

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Often cats roam around the house and when they can’t find something that interests them, they come at your door to play with you. Well, you might be working or having conversations or doing your regular chores at that time. So to keep your cat busy the coconut ball scratcher plays a very important role. The coconut ball scratcher has got an opened up coconut shape and a white stick is attached to it like a pipe bent downwards with a ball hanging with it. So whenever you’re not at home or at home busy doing chores, works, or having conversations, your furry friend can use that to scratch is cute nails on it, or leave his paws over it and hang around or can sit inside it like a majesty on his throne. He can also play with the ball that is attached to the coconut pipe and play it with as long as he wants. This gives you space and time to work and also manage your pet friend at the same time.


🌈The Coconut ball Scratcher is brown and has a scratchy surface surrounded by it.

🌈The inside of it is white like an actual coconut, the pipe /stick is also white and the ball is round attached with a rope to the pipe which is also white

Product Details

🌈Frame Material: Manufactured wood

🌈Cover Material: Sisal rope

🌈Freestanding: Yes

🌈Product Dimensions : 7.9 x 7.9 x 6.7 inches; 2 Pounds

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