Bird Nest KITTY STAND CHAIR(Seagrass Woven basket/House/Cave/Perch/Plant Basket/furniture)

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With this clever nest-style cat bed, your cat will be able to relax without giving up their “front-row seat” - the wide opening in the front of the rattan-wrapped pod gives them an unobstructed view. Once nestled inside and on top of the cozy cotton cushion, they can snooze or stay vigilant, ever-ready to hunt down a stray fly or kitty toy. This unique natural material cat bed is held aloft by two angled legs, also wrapped in seagrass for a cohesive look.

⚡️A comfortable cotton cushion inside
⚡️This cat bed features a metal frame and cotton cushion
⚡️An ideal hideaway that blends elegant, rustic looks with comfort for your feline friend Product Details
⚡️Location: Indoor / Outdoor Use
⚡️Dimensions: 23.5'' H x 17.7'' W x 23.5'' D
⚡️Weights: 12 LB

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