Baby Hippo Soft Footstool Cat House

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This is such type of a product that gives you both utility as well as serves the purpose of decorations. For those who have cats for them, baby rhinos soft footstool & cat house is a must at their playroom. This amazing product works as a perfect fit in any house. One can set it up in his/her living room or playroom and can use it simply as a stool for sitting or other purposes. The design of the stool is of a rhino which looks very adorable and any person would love it when they see it especially the children. So it could be a great fit for the playroom. Apart from these features one of the main features of the products is the cat house. Those who have cats in their house they can remain at ease cause it provides a very comfortable shelter for the cats. It includes condos where cats can rest or relax after a tiring session of play. The size of the product is suitable to be kept at any corner of the room and it is covered with PU leather which is very comfortable for the cat. The wood used is of high quality which makes it highly durable and strong.

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  • Location: Indoor Use Only

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