Adora Flower Cat Tree

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Are you looking for a new home for your pet? Has little space for it? Then here’s the' Adora flower cathouse' to meet your needs. It takes a very small space and is perfect for pets. At least two cats can live in that house in peace and it has a very unique design that will compliment your interior as well and make your space look good after placing it. It has a room at the bottom of it which has a hole for your cat to enter and for proper ventilation purposes. They can sleep there easily and above that it has a roof standing on three pillars where they can lay down the whole day and feel like a king and watch over their territory. It will be a comfortable home for them and a sitting place. They will be busy protecting their luxury territory many times which will eventually give you enough space to complete your daily chores and important activities. Therefore to buy your furry friend their own luxury home Adora cat home which is only available at the store. So grab one for your pet cats before the stock runs out.


  • The Adora flower cathouse has its basement with two holes one at the front and one at the top for entering/leaving and ventilation purpose respectively. The base is ash in color. On top of that, there’s a sitting place standing in 3 pillars attached to the base where your other pet can sleep sit around and watch over their yellow territory. It has two flowers attached to the left side of the home which is yellow and red in colors that complement the interior of your house.
  • It has a solid base that works as a room and the whole structure is made of top quality material which is not fragile and the colors on it will not disassociate.

Product Details

  • Frame Material: Manufactured wood
  • Cover Material: Carpet; Sisal rope
  • Freestanding: Yes

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